NEXT WORK DAY: To be announced.

A lot at a time… and no going back!

On August 1st the Fair Association decided to tackle a huge task.  We started restoring the 4H Exhibit Hall!  The process began by removing the old tin and plywood covering up bad boards and started the process of pressure washing the entire building to prepare it for painting.  In addition, we decided the building looked a whole lot better with windows, so off with the boards on the lower level.  On the second level we removed the rolled roofing and flashing in order to paint and possibly restore the windows on the upper level down the road.  Sonny was busy with finding power lines.  New fencing went up along the west side and the Kaminski’s and Rick were working on the new blacksmith shop.   Holes got filled in and ground also got leveled.  Leaves got raked and brush got trimmed. Much continues to happen and the park is looking better every work day.  Thanks to one and all!

A Little at a Time… June 6, 2009 Workday

Our second work day for the year was a great success.  Almost 50 people participated in the rather cool and sometimes rainy conditions.

Projects included cleaning up leaves, pine needles and downed branches on the entire grounds, removing the second beer cooler in the lower stand, laying sod on the new hill, grading granite on the new hill,
grinding stumps, cleaning stands, and working on water issues.

Thanks to all the volunteers for giving their personal time on another Saturday to improve our grounds.  There is real promise here, but at the same time just, an abundant amount of work still needs to be done.  Anyone wishing to volunteer their time, services or resources should contact Chris Martin or one of our Fair Board members. We’re excited and hope you are as well.


May 16, 2009 – Fairground Work Continues…

On Saturday May 16th, area volunteers weathered the cold to help prepare the fairgrounds for a busy summer.  Projects included, removing stumps, landscaping, removing brush, raking, cleaning buildings, turning on water, removing coolers, removing old stage, removing old fencing and fixing water lines. 

A special thanks to the following volunteers:

John Dalton

Dan Colrud
Dave Colrud
Garrette Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Arnie & Debbie Kaminski
Chris Martin
Jenny & Dave Merila & Family
Debbie Morgan
Sonny Moronk
Dean Simonis
Neal & Michelle Simonis
Andy & Linsey Somers

Frank Stroik
Rick Osowski
Andy Osowski
Jason Woyak

Roger Yenter

Audrey Wierzba

Todd Wierzba

A special thanks to Roger Yenter for getting up so early and bringing your excavator up to remove the stumps and other items.  You did a great job!!!