We’ll be adding to this list as projects arise.  Please consider helping out in whatever way you can.  This is an open invitation to the entire community to help out with manual labor, supplies or professional knowledge.

Upcoming Projects

As of 10/14/2021

List attributes: (abbreviated, evolving, in no particular order, no cost estimate, no start or completion date)

  1. Rewire old pulling track, add a new service panel, create a panel supporting structure with rain protection, outside outlets and covers, GFCI’s etc.
  2. Relocate sled hill light to a permanent location on the pole that was donated by CWEC.
  3. Fix recently broke outdoor light fixture on Pinkerton west.
  4. Fix leak inside block wall on third urinal in outside Exhibit Building restroom, refill with concrete and paint
  5. Continue replacing outdated lighting fixtures in Commercial Exhibit Bathrooms with LED.
  6. Install larger exhaust hood in LCK stand
  7. Clean out under north stage, remove outdated abandoned wiring, install new wiring and install additional shelving if needed.
  8. Clean out old women’s bathroom to the South of Youth Exhibit Building, seal off floor, and add shelving and electricity.
  9. Repaint the lower walls and ends of Youth Exhibit Building
  10. Repair steps to Youth Exhibit Building on east side
  11. Replace electrical service room off of blue barn with modern and up-to-date service
  12. Raise potato harvester so welcome sign does not block view (by barns)
  13. Possible discussion with Village about repaving upper blacktop
  14. Possible discussion with Village about repaving Maple Entrance road
  15. Research corrosion problem regarding sheet metal, screws and wood on Commercial Building.
  16. Consider the addition of two exit lights in the Pinkerton Building
  17. Consider replacing fiberboard walls in Youth Exhibit Hall with Pine.
  18. Consider refinishing hardwood floor in Youth Exhibit Hall
  19. Consider replacing old/non-working dusk to dawn lights and add additional security lighting.
  20. Consider burying overhead line on west entrance and replace with two campground pedestals, new pole  and high efficiency year-round security lighting
  21. Consider adding year-round lighting to entrance
  22. Consider adding five new campground pedestals to replace outdated
  23. Consider new flower beds and perennial gardens and landscaping items
  24. Consider sealing off basement area and insulating underneath inside Youth Exhibit Building restrooms.
  25. Continue perusing options for beer stand replacement

Wish List:

Skid Steer with bucket and forks

****** Additional Projects ******

  1. Brushing DONE
  2. New Stage Area DONE
  3. Installing New Fencing. We need someone with an auger to plant our woven fencing along the Maple street entrance and parking lot. DONE
  4. Cleaning all buildings.  DONE and ONGOING
  5. Painting all the outside of all wooden buildings DONE and ONGOING
  6. Remove other beer cooler in lower stand. DONE
  7. Landscaping, leveling and filling in of various areas with fill, dirt, granite, etc. DONE and ONGOING
  8. Masonry on entrance stone structures. DONE
  9. Additional PA speakers to north end of grounds, museum area, barns, commercial exhibit hall, and other areas. DONE
  10. Installing new permanent gas lines in all buildings.  DONE
  11. Fixing demo fencing and gates.  DONE
  12. Wiring (we need to get a new 240v line to the new stage area) DONE
  13. Electrical, multiple areas…  We need to redo most of our outside lights, we need to redo most of our outside wiring, we’d like to create a plan to run underground, most outside wiring needs to be redone and many buildings need overhauls. DONE
  14. New signs on all stands and buildings clearly identifying name DONE
  15. Clear and prepare a picnic area on the southwest side of the park complete with tables, grill and water.

Please contact us at for more information on helping out or get in touch with one of our board members.

*** Project List Requested By Village Board in 2008 Pertaining to the Lack of Maintenance of the Property by the Previous Fair Board ***

Here is an inspection report submitted to the Fair Board and Village Board in 2008.  It will give you an idea of the many areas we improved after the transition.

Rosholt Fairgrounds

Building and Grounds Evaluation and Improvement Plan (ongoing)

Submitted by: Chris Stanislowski, Mike Bembenek, Todd Wierzba and Chris Martin

September 18, 2008

Upon inspection, the following items have been identified as areas in need of improvement.  With the exception of item 1 on 4H Exhibit Hall, no priority list has yet been established.  Priorities will be considered through addendum items.

Note: this project is on hold as the building may be torn down to make way for a new larger demo area and tractor pulling track. 5/15/10

Rabbit Barn:

  1. Fix leaking roof in two places (Building was removed)
  2. Remove leftover lean to roof (Building was removed)
  3. Reconstruct/Reinforce Center Posts and Supports (Building was removed)
  4. Paint (Building was removed)

Cattle Barn:

  1. Paint inside
  2. Add ventilation fans DONE
  3. Fix and remove outdated wiring DONE
  4. Clean and organize DONE
  5. Redo plumbing outside DONE
  6. Paint Roof DONE

Pinkerton Building:

  1. Remove milk machine and move to dairy barn DONE

Demo Area:

  1. Secure Funding DONE
  2. Redo bleachers/seating area DONE
  3. Redo perimeter fence DONE
  4. Trim trees DONE
  5. Secure cement bumpers DONE
  6. Review/redo entrance area DONE
  7. Redo beverage serving area and possibly add additional snack area DONE
  8. Add clay in race track area DONE
  9. Expand and fix up track  DONE
  10. Redo protective fencing between track and spectators DONE

Cheese Curd Stand:

  1. Stain deck and railings
  2. Fix sheet of plywood on stump
  3. Replace bad deck boards
  4. Redo gas piping to hard pipe  DONE
  5. Add shelving DONE
  6. Install holding tank or French drain for waste water

Note: a majority of this project is on hold pending the completion of the long-range planning committee’s recommendations

Lower Beer Stand:

  1. Redo Roof
  2. Inspect/replace pillars/center posts
  3. Remove fencing and poles DONE
  4. Research removing taps and replacing with cans for distribution of products from multiple distributors DONE
  5. Review building as a whole and consider replacing and redoing entire area
  6. Consider extending deck

French Fry Stand:

  1. Redo gas piping to hard pipe  DONE
  2. Replace Coke refrigerator DONE
  3. Repaint building DONE
  4. Redo lighting DONE

Food Stand 1:

  1. Redo gas piping to hard pipe DONE
  2. Paint DONE
  3. Inspect and renovate electrical (add amps) DONE
  4. Fix leaky sink DONE
  5. Evaluate/replace lighting in kitchen DONE
  6. Replace screens DONE
  7. Clean grill burners DONE
  8. Inspect/upgrade ventilation DONE
  9. Fix drains  DONE
  10. Inspect shingles / roof and replace if needed DONE

Dinner Stand:

  1. Redo cobbled up patchwork on roof DONE
  2. Pressure wash concrete DONE
  3. Install new equipment DONE

Commercial Exhibit Hall:

  1. Remove insulation DONE
  2. Redo Siding DONE
  3. Inspect wood and replace if necessary DONE
  4. Replace fan louver on South side DONE
  5. Redo electric feed  DONE
  6. Inspect and redo plumbing if necessary DONE

4H Exhibit Hall

  1. Remove Ceiling, inspect, paint if necessary DONE
  2. Restore Windows Lower and Upper DONE
  3. Replace broken boards DONE
  4. Paint outside DONE

General Landscaping:

  1. Remove stumps DONE
  2. Fill in ruts DONE
  3. Level out various areas DONE
  4. Inspect/replace outdated wiring DONE and Ongoing
  5. Add lighting DONE and Ongoing
  6. Increase signage DONE
  7. Utilize a forester to review all trees and remove those that are hazardous or not beneficial to the conservation of the grounds.  DONE and Ongoing
  8. Remove all dead limbs  DONE and Ongoing

Addendum Items (not necessarily property related):

  1. Establish a long range plan DONE
  2. Establish a property improvement plan
  3. Establish a conservation plan DONE
  4. Establish a marketing plan DONE
  5. Establish annual budget DONE
  6. Establish community work days DONE and Ongoing
  7. Establish opening and closing procedures DONE
  8. Establish staff training procedures
  9. Establish rental procedures DONE
  10. Establish written emergency procedures for severe weather, fire, lost child and other emergencies  DONE